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Since 1966, Weisner has been fulfilling the needs of its customers with quality products, competitive pricing and a knowledgeable staff. In order to meet the growing demand for quality wire rope, Weisner now stocks domestic wire rope, which is 100% American made. This line of wire rope meets the rigorous demands of industry, transportation, fishing, mining, lumber, and agriculture for lifting, towing and other applications.

Weisner listens to their customers requests and now offers cordage in General Rope, Arbor Plex, Marine Rope, Maila Rope, Nylon Rope and Polypro Rope. Check with Weisner for all your rope needs for sizes and availability.

• 3 Distribution facilities strategically located in Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Tampa.
• Extensive inventory in more than 60,000 sq. ft. of floor space.
• Shipping is from nearest stock so items are generally received next or 2nd day.
• Minimal freight charges and quick delivery keep you ahead of your competition.

Weisner stocks wire rope, including their own brand of general purpose Tan Strand® wire rope. Specialty wire rope and aircraft cable, in bright, galvanized and stainless are also available. In addition, wire rope clips (malleable, drop forged and stainless steel), wire rope thimbles, crimping sleeves, crimpers and cutters are always in stock.

Shackles that meet or exceed Federal Specifications, Snatch and Swivel Blocks, drop forged and stainless steel Turnbuckles (Hook & Hook, Hook & Eye, Jaw & Jaw, Jaw & Eye and Eye & Eye) are stocked at all distribution facilities.

Resellers and rigging fabricators requiring hooks and links for lifting, pulling and hoisting have counted on Weisner to meet their needs for almost five decades. Weisner offers carbon Eye Hoist Hooks, Alloy Eye Hooks, Swivel Hooks, Snap Hooks, Sorting Hooks and Boat Hooks. Oblong Master Links, Weldless Sling Links, Round Welded Rings and swivels are available in various sizes.

Weisner stocks Eye Bolts, Regular Nut, Shoulder Nut (also in stainless steel) and Machinery, Lag Bolts and Eye Nuts in sizes that range from ¼ inch to 12 inches. New to Weisner this year are hoists both Chain Block Hoists and Lever Hoists. These hoists are lightweight and exceptionally strong, using high strength, Grade 100, alloy steel load chain. Manufactured to meet all pertinent world standards, these hoists are designed to provide years of tough use.

Overhead lifting requires grades 80 or higher chain and fittings. Weisner offers Oblong Master Links, Master Link Sub Assemblies, Clevis Hooks, Self Locking Clevis Hooks and Coupling Links in grade 80, to be used specifically with grade 80 chain.

Weisner stocks many other chains in sizes from 1/8 inch chain to 1 inch chain. Grade 30 – Self-Colored, Grade 30 – Electro Galvanized, Grade 30 – Hot Dipped Galvanized, Grade 43 – Self-Colored, Grade 43 – Hot Dipped Galvanized, Grade 70 – Yellow Zinc Chromate and Stainless Steel – Type 316 are available. Many electro galvanized and hot dipped galvanized are available in pails. These chains are not suitable for overhead lifting. Grade 43 Chain Hooks and Grade 70 Chain Hooks, Chain Fittings, Twin Clevis Links and chain links are in stock.

For securing equipment, Level Type Load Binders, Ratchet Type Load Binders and Binder Chains are available for transporting. Weisner has Cargo Control Products including 2 inch and 4 inch Winches, Tie Down Assemblies, Ratchet Buckles, “S” Hooks, Claw Hooks, Double “J” Hooks, Flat Hooks & Snap Hooks, and Delta Rings & Round Rings. Weisner additionally has Tail Chain, Grab hooks and specialty wrecker hooks.

Weisner also added a number of Fall Protection Products to their inventory this year. Along with Fall Protection Hooks, Swage Assemblies, Fall Protection Harnesses and Shock Absorbing Lanyards are now in stock. Weisner’s stringent quality standards on Fall Protection Harnesses & Lanyards meet or exceed all applicable ANSI and OSHA Standards.

Marine cable and marine hardware has now become a part of Weisner’s vast product selection. Items such as trawl cable, stainless steel cable, stainless steel chain, stainless steel hooks, stainless steel turnbuckles, stainless steel wire rope thimbles and stainless steel wire rope clips can be found in the wire rope, chain and fittings sections of this website. By placing them all in a single location, we hope to make your product searches as quick and easy as possible. Weisner also offers boat anchors. Please call for availability and prices.

We appreciate your business and interest in Weisner products. You can call us Toll Free at 1-800-535-0347, Fax us at (813) 242-0505 or contact us through our “Contact Us” page located on this website’s menu bar.

You have our assurance that we, at Weisner, will always provide fast, efficient service, competitive prices and never compromise on the quality of our products.

For wholesale rigging supplies and rigging related products, Weisner should be your number one source.